RB741 Remote Access Systems for Ease of Access


All automated gate access systems need an efficient and effective remote management system to ensure vehicles entering in are not kept waiting long. They also need to be portable enough to be easily carried and simple enough to be easy to use. While there is no dearth of options when it comes to purchasing remote control transmitters for operating your automatic gate access system, the RB741 Remote is arguably one of the best and the most efficient transmitters currently available in the market. It is the standard transmitter compatible with most residential and light commercial automated gate access systems. The RB741 Remote also comes attached with a keychain to make it convenient to carry. This also minimizes the risk of losing the RB741 Remote. Newer versions of the RB741 Remote include dual button and triple buttons.

While the single button RB741 Remote is most commonly used in single gate residences, there is also the dual RB741 Remote transmitter that can be used to program and control multiple gates. The triple button RB741 Remote can also be programmed to control upto three automated access gates at the same time. The dual and triple button RB741 Remote transmitters are most commonly used in campuses and complexes with more than one gate where having one centralized RB741 Remote transmitters makes it easy to enter and exit from any gate.

The new advanced RB741 Remote transmitter is even lighter and smaller than its previous version and comes with improved signal range improving its effectiveness by several notches. Each RB741 Remote transmitter includes a visor clip with code settings that are easily adjustable based on the needs of the property. You can purchase any number of these remote transmitters and program them to work on multiple gates within the property. This way each family member can have one eliminating the need for someone from inside the house having to walk over to the gate everytime someone drives up.

Having a remote transmitter that works efficiently can help save a lot of wasted time and effort. You might have frequently seen people struggle with their garage remotes, clicking on it again and again in the hope of making it work. With the RB741 Remote transmitter, you don’t need to worry about having a backup in place in case your remote transmitter fails to perform. With so many people using the RB741 Remote with great satisfaction, it is a tried and tested product which has always stood up to the test.

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