Install a GTO Exit Wand to Identify Vehicles in Motion


The GTO FM141-250 exit wand is installed by the side of the driveway inside of your property. The Driveway Vehicle Sensor identifies the coming vehicle within a radius of 12 foot and signals the GTO gate operator to open. With this system you can exit your premises without touching the gate. This means, GTO exit wands offers “hands free” exiting of your facility. Best thing is it is easy to install! These wired vehicle sensors are available in 50 ft., 100 ft., 150 ft. and 250 ft. direct burial wire lengths.

A GTO exit wand is designed to work with all GTO slide or swing gate operators. It does not need a power supply when using the GTO control box as it is powered by the 12VDC battery. The GTO exit wand comes with full instructions for easy installation.

Some of the features of GTO exit wand are as follows:

  • Vehicle sensor detects vehicles in motion. Similar in operation to a ring system without the need to cut the driveway or runway.
  • Compatible with all types of automatic gate operators.
  • Extensive input voltage range (8-32 V AC or 8-26 V DC).
  • Perfect for solar application- 1.5 mA current consumption.
  • Transmit latch time of 2 seconds.
  • Modifiable sensitivity from 3 to 12 ft. radius.
  • Designed to minimize line noise of 50Hz or 60Hz; avoids crosstalk frequency issues.
  • Dimensions: 1.75″ diameter x 16.75″ long.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

How exit wand works:

  • When any vehicle such as truck, car or motorcycle in motion disturbs the magnetic fields around the Exit wand, an indication is sent to the gate opener’s control board, signaling it to open the entrance.
  • The vehicle must be in motion to alarm the magnetic field to activating the gate opener.
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