GTO Circuit Board – For Smooth Functioning of your Gate Opener


The GTO R4211 circuit board is designed for GTO gate openers. The circuit board is capable of managing single as well as double gate installations and can handle pull-to-open and push settings.

The GTO Circuit Board R4211 is compatible with various GTO gate opener models such as PRO-SW2502, FM502, Mighty Mule FM500, PRO-SW2500, PRO-SW3000, PRO-SW4000, PRO-SW4200, PRO-SW3200 and all XL models.

Features of GTO R4211:

This GTO R4211 circuit board has many special features that make it appropriate for most access control equipment situations.

Here are some of its features:  

  • Smooth functioning – This GTP circuit board has sophisticated software that gives provides a smooth start and stop function. This feature is not time based and hence, the operation is stable even when the battery voltage varies.
  • Easy limit setting – With the GTO circuit board R4211, you can put limit buttons for the slave and master side on installations. Having automatic dual sensing, its setup is very easy.
  • Lower stand-in current drain – The stand-in current gives 3-5 more cycles in a day in solar powered applications. You will experience improved performance in harsh weather conditions as well as low cycle installations.
  • Simple power options – The GTO Circuit Board has solar panels and low voltage AC that attach to the same workstations. There are no wiring faults and no split issues.
  • Latest charger design- The latest battery charger design of GTO Gate R4211 Circuit Board is easy on your batteries and offers best possible performance.
  • Intrinsic lock control- When it is in use, the on board lock transmit direct power to the GTO gate.
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