Gate Operators and the Complete Package



Gate operators have become popular among people as they provide the most efficient form of security. It uses the miracle of science in controlling the gate’s movements. Gate operators are manufactured differently depending upon the type of gate. Typically, there are only four types of gates which mean there are four types of gate operators.

The four types of gate operators can be described as follows:

Swing gate openers: This type of gate operator is used for swing gates which can either be a single gate or double gate. Swing gates are what we generally see as similar to doors, which basically need to be swung open or closed.

Slide Gate operator: It is usually used for slide gates. It’s easily installed on to a slide gate and when the transmitter is pressed, the signal is transferred to the operator which uses electricity to slide the gate open.

Barrier gate operators: This category of gate operator is easy to find at parking lots, toll gates where there is a barrier to block the entrance / exit which gets lifted after transmitting the signal.

Overhead Gate operators:  These operators are typically used in doors like garages and other entities where the door slides upwards to open.

However, the most common category of gate or operator is Swing gate as it is found commonly everywhere. GTO swing gate opener is the most eminent operator and is being used throughout the world. These operators can be purchased in kits that include everything required to install the operator and even maintain it. Generally, a gate operating kit includes an operator, a solar panel (optional for emergency purposes),   transmitter, a backup battery, radio receiver and AC transformer.

The manual with every kit explains its most important features such as working temperature, opening and closing time which can help you determine whether the operator is beneficial for you or not. These factors do matter, so if you are buying a gate operator then make sure you check the temperature and opening/closing time because if you have a gate exposed to direct sunlight, it may increase the temperature causing complications with its operation.

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