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Having Trouble with your Automatic GTO Gate Opener?

  Gates and gate openers are an important element of security and convenience for your home or place of business. A non-working gate opener can cause a lot of obvious and unforeseen problems which is why ensuring that the gate

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GTO Circuit Board – For Smooth Functioning of your Gate Opener

  The GTO R4211 circuit board is designed for GTO gate openers. The circuit board is capable of managing single as well as double gate installations and can handle pull-to-open and push settings. The GTO Circuit Board R4211 is compatible

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Buy Quality Gate Opener Parts and Give a new Life to your Security Access System

A GTO gate opener features an assortment of small and big parts. And with so many components, there is always a requirement for quality gate opener parts for replacement in case of wear and tear. Repair parts range from control

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RB741 Remote Access Systems for Ease of Access

All automated gate access systems need an efficient and effective remote management system to ensure vehicles entering in are not kept waiting long. They also need to be portable enough to be easily carried and simple enough to be easy

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GTO F3100MBC – A Great Gate Opener Device!

The GTO F3100MBC is designed for the purpose of adding extra security to your automated gate, which can help you in speaking with visitors before giving him the permission to enter your property. It is considered ideal for securing the

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Install a GTO Exit Wand to Identify Vehicles in Motion

The GTO FM141-250 exit wand is installed by the side of the driveway inside of your property. The Driveway Vehicle Sensor identifies the coming vehicle within a radius of 12 foot and signals the GTO gate operator to open. With

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Gate Operators and the Complete Package

  Gate operators have become popular among people as they provide the most efficient form of security. It uses the miracle of science in controlling the gate’s movements. Gate operators are manufactured differently depending upon the type of gate. Typically,

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Install GTO Openers on your property and enjoy Peace of Mind

With increasing cases of burglaries, home security has become a prime concern for homeowners. Numerous technologies are coming in the market that ensure the increased safety of your house and installing a GTO opener for your house gate help in

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What is a Solenoid Lock?

A locking solenoid is a conventional solenoid, a wire coil that is magnetized when paired with an electrical current and locks a door or device. The coil is small enough to fit into a lock, where it keeps the locking

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GTO SL050 Residential Slide Gate Operator

The GTO SL050 Residential Slide Gate Operator is designed for operation of slide gates. Max Gate Weight 800 lbs. (362.9 kg), length 32Ft with a 27ft opening. It has a Maintenance-Free, 24V brushless DC motor which is a 1/2 HP

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