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Good day techies, let us talk about the GTO-PRO SW4000XLS for gates weighing in at 1000 Lbs. and up to 20 feet in length. This is an ideal column mount unit with up to 19″ of offset making it a

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GTO / PRO F3100MBC Estate Wireless Entry Intercom Keypad

The GTO / PRO Wireless Intercom Keypad F3100MBC (Formerly GTO 4100 keypad ) is a versatile intercom system that allows for clear communication between an outsider requesting entrance to the property, and a person inside of the property. It also

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GTO FM144 Gate Lock

If you’ve already got your swing gate operator in place but are looking for an added layer of security, take a look at the GTO FM144 Gate Lock. The gate lock unlocks and locks automatically when the gate opens and

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